If I could take one thing back, if I could erase it…what would it be? what would I change!? if there is one thing I could take back, what would it be?

If I was a different person, whom would I be? what colour my skin would be? what would my name be? if I wasn’t me…who would I be!?

If I could take time back, if I could make the clock go backward to what time shall it return? what year would the calendar be?

If I was a different me, how could I be?! would I love the art as I do? would I paint like I used to? would I want to go to msf? would I be one? if only I could go back in time! would I have been a rebel? would I be another che? and if this wasn’t me…who would it be?

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the weirdest of them all!?

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