Thoughts from the past (here and there)

Weird this life that makes you go beyond borders…sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse!
Weird this life that fills your basket with extreme joy and sometimes deprives you from even a smile!
Weird this life that makes you thirsty for a little bit of attention, making you look for acceptance!
Have you ever imagined a life where you can go back in time, to erase some scenes, to zoom on others, to freeze a moment that you would have never wanted it to pass?! Have you ever wanted to look down at life, as it sometimes did?

Have you wondered why you sometimes wander in this life…homeless, restless, exhausted, in an extreme loneliness even when you are surrounded by millions?

Have you wondered why on your journey of the search for perfection you always face life’ worst imperfections!

… (nov-1-2008)

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  1. frenchy dit :


  2. Cadmous dit :

    Wouldn’t life be boring if it was not like you desribed it?

  3. Mirage dit :

    wouldn’t be boring? I believe so!
    I also believe that people who never stayed alone will never appreciate will never appreciate being around people!
    I also believe that people who have never been around bad people (unvoluntarly) will never appreciate a good company!
    I believe as well that people who never shed a tear, who never felt the need for love, money, or who never fell sick, would never (except some exceptions) appreciate to the full a little smile, a heartful hug, a nice gift, good health (or improved health)!

    BUT sometimes you drown in excess of bad moments! excess of bad people, of untruthful friends, of untrustworthy entourage, too many losses, too many heartaches and…and…and… and for that split of a second you forget the « principal » on which everything was built…the « EQUILIBRIUM », without which all life wouldn’t exist.

    So yes life would be boring hasn’t been for those ups and downs, those hard curves and……………………

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