novembre 19th, 2010

If I could take one thing back, if I could erase it…what would it be? what would I change!? if there is one thing I could take back, what would it be?

If I was a different person, whom would I be? what colour my skin would be? what would my name be? if I wasn’t me…who would I be!?

If I could take time back, if I could make the clock go backward to what time shall it return? what year would the calendar be?

If I was a different me, how could I be?! would I love the art as I do? would I paint like I used to? would I want to go to msf? would I be one? if only I could go back in time! would I have been a rebel? would I be another che? and if this wasn’t me…who would it be?

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the weirdest of them all!?

My Lebanon

mai 2nd, 2010

What a shame, what a shame ,what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!! no words can describe the horror that took place in Ketermaya!!! None except that I am ashamed to know that people, excuse the words, animals exist in My Lebanon. Lebanon the land of the so called justice, the cradle of justice…what justice, what law, what humanity???? where is the law? where is justice? where is the humanity? hasn’t there been one PERSON, one HUMAN BEING who revolted and said that it was a CRIME, a hidious crime? What country allows such cruelty?

I am ashamed to know that people, educated, well brought, with values that they cherish and live by, would say that the « criminal » deserved it and that he even deserved more!!! 2 out of 10 people with whom I had this conversation only reprimend it…2…2…2…2.

If he was insane, what is there excuse? what society who knew that the perpetrator did a previous crime will allow him to come back and live in the same place as before? where are those « brave » and « honorable » people who sought for justice? where were they when he did his first crime and returned to live among them? why didn’t they react previously! Cold blooded murderers, who raises in kids souls (who watched the whole thing LIVE) the urge for revenge, this animal instinct to kill!!!

Shame on a population that live in the principle of « eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth ». Shame on a population who pretends to be civilized…shame on a population who witnesses such crimes and sit aside watching…shame on each and every one of us!

The worst thing is that the Mayor said that it was the law enforcement mistake if that happened!!!!!!!!!!! what a bullshit what a bullshit what a bullshit…………………….criminals that blame the state! Yes blame it for letting you loose, blame it for not emprisoning each and every one of you! in the 2010, a crime scene far worst than the horror that took place in the dark ages! and they call themselves humans! where is the governement now? what actions will they take? where is the human watch rights organizations? where the world’s reaction to that!!!

If he is the murderer (which was never proven…) what are they?

Bonjour tout le monde !

avril 22nd, 2010

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avril 7th, 2010

Vivre l’inconnu, attendre l’inconnu! qui sommes nous autre que des personnges d’une histoire qui ne se termine jamais!
Nous sommes les pions, nous sommes les soldats inconnus! et pourtant nous n’existons pas! qui dit qui suis-je? qui dit que j’existe? ces mots? mes paroles? ma voix? ne sont-ils pas un echo? et ma vie? c’est quoi la vie? quand est-ce qu’elle commence et quand est-ce qu’elle se termine? ce moment existe-il?

Couvent de La Croix

février 5th, 2010

Endroit mystérieux, joli…Plein de souvenirs me reviennent, des souvenirs de mon enfance…Mais dans mon enfance cet endroit était tellement différent, et même parfois me faisait peur surtout quand mes frères me poussaient vers la « mauvaise » porte ou me taquinaient en me disant on va te laisser ici!
Mais bon, un truc n’a pas du tout changer, c’est cette « somptueuse » croix en dessous de laquelle je me tiens en paix totale. Même l’église que je ne visitais que très rarement a cet effet sur moi. J’aurai aimé si j’avais ma camera avec moi pour capter l’ambiance la lumière, j’aurai aimé avoir le style pour exprimer la paix qui régnait, ce silence parfait, cette atmosphère qui apaise les angoisses, qui calme l’esprit! Ce n’est ni le jeu de lumière, ni la décoration, ni l’excès de « sophistication », c’est justement cette simplicité qui traduit la vie de Saint Jacques, sa modestie.
Malgré que plusieurs sanctuaires au Liban et ailleurs perdent parfois l’esprit chrétien avec leurs musées et leurs magasins de souvenirs et, et, et…mais je crois que jusqu’a présent ce couvent a maintenu l’esprit de son fondateur.
Je cherchais ce soir un asile là on n’est pas jugé, là où on est libre, là où on est aimé comme on est, là où est toujours l’Enfant bien aimé, pardonné…

Gini in the bottle

février 3rd, 2010

Have you ever imagined a moment where dusting your old silverwares you would meet the Gini in the bottle!?
And if it existed, what would you wish for? you wouldn’t have 3 choices…only one wish…what would it be? (except for world peace…of course).
I thought of it a couple of minutes ago, and I would wish for one thing and one thing only…I wish i am a child again…
Being happy most of the time, enjoying my time with the people I love, no worries, no doubts, no thinking…back to that age where everything is pink (or blue 😛 ) and everything is beautiful…where a candy would make your day (and your day as well when you are 99 years old). Where buying a new doll would be the event of the year.
When your « job » was to be nice, nothing more nothing less, with an added value for some funny tricks, not too naughty though! Staying a baby, in a world where hatred doesn’t exist, where wounding or harming the « Other » isn’t a habit or the « daily bread », where « deliver us from sin » mean « help me not to play with other kids toys without asking ».
I know everything is relative and to each step in life its worries and problems, but just for a moment, nothing but this0 moment, I want to be there, in that perfect world, in my « Neverland ».
The pshycological bla bla will say, it’s growing up and going through all the difficulties is what makes you what YOU ARE.
But then again I am allowed to dream, and for this moment I decided to be in Neverland, flying with no wings, dreaming beyound the borders of night, and living again the « lost » innocence of a kid who only sees the colors of life and never the lack of it!!!!
Good Night!

Thoughts from the past (here and there)

janvier 17th, 2010

Weird this life that makes you go beyond borders…sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse!
Weird this life that fills your basket with extreme joy and sometimes deprives you from even a smile!
Weird this life that makes you thirsty for a little bit of attention, making you look for acceptance!
Have you ever imagined a life where you can go back in time, to erase some scenes, to zoom on others, to freeze a moment that you would have never wanted it to pass?! Have you ever wanted to look down at life, as it sometimes did?

Have you wondered why you sometimes wander in this life…homeless, restless, exhausted, in an extreme loneliness even when you are surrounded by millions?

Have you wondered why on your journey of the search for perfection you always face life’ worst imperfections!

… (nov-1-2008)


janvier 11th, 2010

I will inaugurate my blog (which a friend of mine was so kind to open it for me …Thank you) with a paragraph that I read for James Frey, “A million little pieces”.

“It lets me see what my life is, in simple terms, it simply is what it is, and I can deal with my life on those terms.
It is not complicated unless I make it so.
It is not difficult unless I allow it to be.
A second is no more than a second, a minute nor more than a minute, a day no more than a day. They pass. All things and all time pass.
Don’t force or fear, don’t control or lose control.
Don’t fight and never stop fighting.
Embrace and endure. If you embrace you will endure.”

That’s life is simple terms, it’s a constant battle between all our desires and fears, our hope and deceits, love and hate, life and death.

Bonjour tout le monde !

janvier 10th, 2010

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